Event: Turbulent Surfaces II: Part II – One Dimensional Disco



Part II – One Dimensional Disco

27th July 2012



It all worked itself out naturally and well.
Every branch of science was fitted neatly
to the needs of the public,
and the various branches of science
were co-ordinated decently.

Isaac Asimov, The Complete Stories: Volume 1


One Dimensional Disco contained a built structure, performances and a DJ set.

One Dimensional Disco was an artwork and exhibition. It was a blunt instrument constructed for this event at kynastonmcshine only.

One Dimensional Disco was an ad-hoc platform that included image, sound and text. Its disjunctive and tailor-made constructs acted as a closed vertical structure: an antagonistic surface.

One Dimensional Disco asserts itself beyond the contemporary cults of representation and interpretation; breaking definitively with the horizontal ground of narrativity perpetuated by the contemporary consensus of cause and effect.

One Dimensional Disco presented two performances and a DJ set by Material Conjectures. The DJ set was made up exclusively of work by The Algorithm, aka Remi Gallego, a 22 year old French artist who plays with a mixture of Black Metal, math-core electronica, Ska and Dub-Step.

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The event was organised by Material Conjectures – curator Kirsten Cooke and artist Dale Holmes.

Turbulent Surfaces is a series of performative platforms, curated by Kirsten Cooke, and co-organised by Kirsten Cooke and Dale Holmes. Part II saw two new events presented at kynastonmcshine in 2012.