Exhibition: Blow Up


David Hemmings in Blow Up


Blow Up

3 March – 23 March 2012

Performance: Friday 2 March 2012, 7pm


Wayne Lloyd presented a new performance and exhibition of photographs, which fused fiction and reality, at this evening performance and exhibition.

Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film Blow Up is about a successful photographer living in London, who finds something suspicious in photographs that he took in a park. By blowing up the images and studying the minutiae he uncovers details that challenge his ability to match his perception with reality.

Wayne Lloyd performs the plots of films employing inventive and engaging narrative devices and tropes to generate surprising tensions and humour. The performances often culminate in a residual exhibition that can embrace a variety of disciplines such as drawing, photography, and even dance. The renditions have a ‘non-art’ quality, and their play of formality and informality obstructs pre-arranged destinations for the arrival of meaning. The result is an enjoyable mix of activity, storyline and stand-up.

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‘Wayne Lloyd cuts to the heart of cinema’s story telling lineage, whilst focusing on the intrinsic differences between watching and describing a film. Lloyd’s recent works provide a refreshing alternative to film criticism, embodying a spirit more akin to an enthusiastic retelling to friends and with it a healthy relish of violence, sex and wit.’

Andrew Bracey, catalogue entry for Unspooling Artists and Cinema, Cornerhouse 2010.

Wayne Lloyd is an artist living and working in the UK. Recent projects include Community Without Propinquity at MK Project Space (2011), Unspooling, Artists and Cinema at Cornerhouse, Manchester (2010), Rollerball, for Bob Smith’s Apathetic Afternoon, Beaconsfield, London (2009), Art & The New Town, Harlow (2008), The Brown Mountain Festival, London (2008), Last Tango in Paris at Wild Gift, London (2006), and The Middle Epics at Medieval Modern, London (2005). He has written two books, Nu Town (2008) and Wayne Winner’s Art House Cinema (Immprint Books, 2004).

Review of Wayne Lloyd’s Blow Up in Art Review, 21 March 2012.