Publication: The AGMOAS is now a Corporate Audit

Terry Atkinson / paperback / 206 pages / published November 2017

The AGMOAS is now a Corporate Audit, by Terry Atkinson, paperback, 206 pages, published November 2017. is delighted to announce the release of a new essay by Terry Atkinson, titled “The Avant Garde Model of the Artistic Subject (AGMOAS) is now a Corporate Audit”.

This limited edition title is in paperback, with an introduction by Matthew Poole.

Terry Atkinson has been writing about the Avant Garde Model of the Artistic Subject (AGMOAS) for several years, exploring, explaining, demonstrating and dismantling the infestations that have occurred to the innovations and experiments of the Avant-garde of early Modernism via the mechanisms and quasi-ideologies of capitalism. These writings provide much needed clarity about and rigorous criticism of the complicated and complex world of contemporary art and its collusions and codependence with capital.

Terry Atkinson founded two of the most influential artists’ groups in recent history: Fine Artz, in 1963, with John Bowstead, Roger Jeffs, and Bernard Jennings; and, Art & Language, in 1968, with David Bainbridge, Michael Baldwin and Harold Hurrell. Since leaving Art & Language in 1974, Atkinson has continued his practice as an artist via writings, object-making, and teaching.

Atkinson’s work, both as part of Fine Artz, Art & Language as well as outside of those and in other collaborations is widely known and is critically acclaimed internationally. His works have been exhibited extensively in Great Britain, Europe, Canada and the USA at venues such as: the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; Kunstwerke, Berlin; MoMA, New York; Documenta, Kassel; the Venice Biennale; and, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. In 1985 he was selected for the Turner Prize.

The AGMOAS is now a Corporate Audit

By Terry Atkinson

First Edition November 2017

Limited print-run of 250 copies

ISBN: 978-0-9568459-1-7

5 13/16th x 8 ¼ in

206 pages


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