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The AGMOAS is now a Corporate Audit, by Terry Atkinson, paperback, 206 pages, published November 2017.

The AGMOAS is now a Corporate Audit

By Terry Atkinson

ISBN: 978-0-9568459-1-7


First Edition November 2017

Limited print-run of 250 copies

5 13/16th x 8 ¼ in / 206 pages / paperback

Price £20.00 GBP / $25 USD (+postage & packing)


Terry Atkinson has been writing about the Avant Garde Model of the Artistic Subject (AGMOAS) for several years, exploring, explaining, demonstrating and dismantling the infestations that have occurred to the innovations and experiments of the Avant-garde of early Modernism via the mechanisms and quasi-ideologies of capitalism. These writings provide much needed clarity about and rigorous criticism of the complicated and complex world of contemporary art and its collusions and codependence with capital.

This limited edition title is in paperback, with an introduction by Matthew Poole.

Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area

by Roman Vasseur

ISBN 978-0-9568459-0-0

Price £10.00 GBP / $15 USD (+postage & packing)

Re-presentation and summation of the project in Harlow New Town led by Roman Vasseur, Let us Pray For Those Now Residing in the Designated Area, with texts by Matthew Poole and Roman Vasseur, and an interview with curator Marie-Anne McQuay.

Designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen.

Limited Edition of 150 handmade copies followed by a Publish-on-Demand version, entitled
Mass for Real Estate, available via
AND Publishing.

With support from Kingston University.